All elements of Definitive Addons. Now we use DA: Slider
After Dropping the DA Slider Image

By default 4 slides are included. You can add or remove as your need. All images size should be same sized. For example – you need 3 slides then delete the 4th slide using cross button on the right.

We already Included four images, title and subtitle.
You can choose different Image Sizes from Image size. You can choose full as well.
This is last section of Content Tab. You can define slide value of sliding behavior.
Overlay off/on, color, font and position

You can hide overlay with text and keep only images.

You can select navigation position. This image shows top-right position. You can select bottom-right and left-right as well.

You can change navigation background-color and hover background color. In addition you can change arrow color and hover color.

Dot background color and dot active background color can be changed