Step 4# Lead Page

There were cookies. Glorious walnut cookies in muffin cups. Crumbly, nutty, heavenly. Not the archetypal soft centered ones. But if you are after the soft centered ones, their coconut cookies are what you want. Crispy on the outside, soft and yielding on the inside. A tad too sweet though. They also have a coconut cookie topped with almond. There were lovely butter cookies packed as assortments. Continue reading “Step 4# Lead Page”

Step 3# Third Post

Uniformly mix the elephant foot yam with the rest of the spice powder, lemon juice and salt in a bowl. Marinate the yam slices for 20-30 minutes. Shallow fry the slices in oil in a flat pan. Drain the yam chips on paper towels to remove excess oil. Garnish with coriander leaves and lemon wedges; serve hot. Ol kochu grows abundantly in Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and in other Southeast Asian countries. In Bangladesh it is used mostly in curries and mashed forms, and rarely as pickles. Continue reading “Step 3# Third Post”

Step 2# Second Blog

Sometimes, I am awash with fresh waves of nostalgia when it starts to drizzle. I get swept up by a senseless longing for the bitter fragrance of kadam, mingling with the scent of dampened earth. It is quite amazing how a scent can transcend time and stay alive in our memories. Countless days may pass by without notice, and yet whenever a familiar odour floats by, it immediately carries us back in time. Continue reading “Step 2# Second Blog”

Step 1# First Post

How can a business stand out in local SEO with no physical premise? Is it even possible?
Local search is very competitive and it becomes even more of a challenge to compete with other businesses when yours has no physical premise. Sam Nemzer from Distilled shared with us some useful tips at MozTalk on how to use local SEO for a business with no local pack. How can a business stand out in local SEO with no physical premise? Is it even possible? Continue reading “Step 1# First Post”