Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter

Before Marketing

1. What is social media marketing
2. Understanding the value of social media marketing
3. Comparing Facebook and Twitter
4. Planing for marketing


5. The big picture of Twitter
6. Creating a brand presence
7. Defining your objective
8. Developing communication guidelines
9. Writing high-quality tweets
10. Evaluating tweet frequency
11. Using retweets
12. Understanding hashtags
13. Rich media in tweets
14. Attracting followers
15. Choosing who to follow
16. Finding relevant topics and conversations
17. Tools for Twitter
18. Customer service considerations
19. The controversy of buying followers


20. Creating a brand presence
21. Defining your objective
22. Writing high-quality posts
23. Evaluating post frequency
24. Rich media in posts
25. Increasing your fan count
26. Adding page tabs and apps
27. Engaging with your fans

28. Reviewing Facebook analytics
29. Reviewing Twitter analytics